Hellberg Secure 1 Helmet Mounted Ear Muff SNR 25dB

Protection level 1 for low to medium noise levels (75-90dB).
Helmet mounted earmuff is the perfect choice when head and hearing protection are required simultaneously.


Protection level 1 (75-90dB) suitable for low to medium noise. Suitable for work environments such as general manufacturing, working with electric power tools and for short term noise exposure.  The perfect solution when hearing and head protection are required simultaneously.

  • Durable constuction to withstand rough environments and slim design to reduce the risk of snagging in confined areas.
  • Soft cushions with Smart “Snap-In” System for easy replacement.
  • Fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System.
  • Helmet attachment arms with a strong steel spring mechanism, lasting more than 10 000 oscillations which represents normal use of at least 5 years.
  • No exposed metal parts for non-conductivity.
  • Three wearing positions:Park the hearing protector on the rear of the helmet when not in use, put them in stand-by position slightly off the ears, and push them inwards into working position covering the ears.

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