Firexo Mini & 2 Litre

Save with this bundle which includes a Firexo 2L extinguisher and a Mini Aerosol - specially created with remote workers in mind.

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Firexo Extinguisher Bundle: Mini and 2 Litre:

Ensure your safety with the Firexo Extinguisher Bundle, featuring the versatile Firexo MINI Extinguisher and the robust Firexo 2 Litre Extinguisher. This bundle is designed to provide comprehensive fire protection for your home, office, garage, vehicle, or while traveling.

Firexo MINI Extinguisher

  • Compact and Portable: Perfect for home, office, garage, and vehicle use, or to carry while traveling.
  • All-Class Fire Protection: Be prepared for any fire emergency with protection against all fire classes.
  • Convenient and Handy: Small size for easy storage and quick access when needed.

Firexo 2 Litre Extinguisher

  • Mid-Sized for Versatility: Ideal for larger spaces, providing more mobility and a greater dose of Firexo fluid compared to the MINI.
  • Enhanced Safety: Perfect for large homes, camping equipment, and commercial vehicle
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