Hellberg Secure 1 Headband Earmuff

Light and durable headband style hearing protectors offer exceptional comfort. The soft padding and easy size adjustment provides a perfect fit for all head sizes.Protection level 1 for low to medium noise levels (75-90dB).


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Hellberg Secure 1 Headband Earmuff : Protection level suitable for noise environments ranging from 75 to 90 dB, it is well-suited for industries like manufacturing and tasks involving electric power tools, offering effective noise reduction for short durations.

Key Features: 

  • Effective Noise Reduction: Suitable for noise levels from 75 to 90 dB, perfect for industrial settings such as manufacturing and electric power tool operations.
  • Comfortable Construction: Includes a soft velcro support band and high-quality plastic for long-term wear.
  • Replaceable Cushions: Features easy-to-replace cushions with a secure "snap-in" system for extended durability.
  • Enhanced Safety: Compatible with face protection gear, ensuring comprehensive workplace safety.


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