Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Earmuff

Secure 3 Neckband Earmuff: Designed to meet the needs of various work environments, it ensures your safety and comfort even in the most challenging conditions.


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Hellberg Secure 3 Neckband Earmuff: your ultimate solution for superior hearing protection in diverse work conditions. Perfectly designed to integrate with various safety gear, this hearing protector ensures maximum comfort and protection even in the loudest environments.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Neckband Design: Ideal for use with bump caps, wide-brimmed helmets, helmets without attachment slots, and standalone face protection.
  • High Noise Level Protection: Offers exceptional noise reduction for environments with noise levels ranging from 100 to 115 dB, providing crucial protection in high-decibel workplaces.
  • Effective Low-Frequency Noise Reduction: Specifically engineered to filter out low-frequency noises, preventing stress and nausea while ensuring important sounds like speech are clearly audible.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Durability: Features a soft Velcro support band and high-quality plastic construction, designed for prolonged, comfortable wear in demanding conditions.
  • Replaceable Cushions: Equipped with a convenient "snap-in" system for easy cushion replacement, ensuring hygiene and extending the product's lifespan.
  • Seamless Face Protection Integration: Compatible with face protection gear, offering a comprehensive safety solution for workers exposed to multiple hazards.

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