Hellberg Secure 3 Headband Earmuff

Light and durable headband style hearing protectors offer exceptional comfort. The soft padding and easy size adjustment provides a perfect fit for all head sizes.


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Secure 3 Headband, crafted for professionals working in environments with high noise levels (100-115 dB). This headband-style hearing protector is designed to ensure both safety and comfort throughout extended work hours.

Key Features: 

  • Superior Noise Protection: Designed to block high to very high noise levels (100-115 dB), making it ideal for industrial and construction environments.
  • Adjustable Design: Telescopic headband with easy size adjustment ensures a personalized fit for all head sizes.
  • Replaceable Cushions: Soft cushions with a convenient "snap-in" system for easy replacement, maintaining comfort and effectiveness over time.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly with face protection equipment for comprehensive safety coverage.
  • Effective Against Low-Frequency Noise: Provides excellent protection against noise that masks speech and critical sounds, reducing stress and improving communication.
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